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Hostelling International Boston
Well-designed, welcoming, and highly functional lodging. Located near major touristic attractions, including the Boston Commons and the Freedom Trail. Accessible via public transportation, about 20 minutes away from our conference venue.
Friend Street Hostel
One of Boston's newest hostels located in the historic North End. Close to many major pubs and restaurants. About 35 minutes away (via walking and public transportation) from our conference.
DoubleTree Hotel: Boston Bayside
Renovated in February 2014, this hotel offers all of the comforts of home and is set near Boston's picturesque HarborWalk, making it a great choice among hotels in Boston near the airport. The hotel is six miles from Boston Logan Airport and one train stop away from the conference venue.

Complimentary scheduled shuttle service is available during select times between 5:00am and 11:00pm to the airport
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Affordable Lodging Options

All of these options are either within walking distance, or are easily connected to our conference venue via public transport.

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