In preparation for the TeachCollab Annual Summit, please spend some time testing out the tools & templates that we have put together in the TeachCollab teams in the past months (unit plan, lesson plan and checklist) to prepare A UNIT for next year.

TASK #1: Please bring your laptop!


TASK #2: Create/bring with you a BINDER or ORGANIZED DIGITAL FILES with these dividers/folders within. For Task #2, you're not expected to bring all of these in completed form--just bring empty digital folders with these titles or a binder with these tabs.


For each class include a folder or tab for:


  • UNIT PLAN[incl. actual summative assessment]. See linked template for further information.

  • LESSON PLANS (brief one-pagers). See linked templates for further information.

    • Feel free to use this checklist that our team created when drafting your lessons. ​You may want to save this file as well. 

Common to all classes:

●      ACTIVITIES [one sheet for each activity, i.e. group work, lecture, …]

●      ASSESSMENTS [i.e. your Unit and interim assessments, as well as techniques on how to develop quizzes, papers, strong multiple-choice questions, rubrics, etc.]

●      METHODS [Which methods of thinking or problem-solving are required in your discipline? What practical activities, discussion protocols, or graphic organizers do you use to teach them?] 

●      ROUTINES [classroom management, group work, pair work, entrance routines, discussion circles …]


TASK #3: Try writing or rewriting at least one of your units using these templates (unit plan, lesson plan and checklist). It may be useful to start cataloguing your best activities, assessments, ways of thinking, and routines in the digital folders or tabs you created in Task #2.  


TASK #4: Email the one-page lessons you have prepared for your chosen Unit with any best activities/assessments/routines (if applicable) to We can add them to a google drive folder that we will share with all the workshop participants during the session.


How to Prepare for the Annual Summit