Our Work in 2016-2017


Based on the feedback we received from participants during 2015-2016, this year we organized our work throughout four one-day weekend workshops, one every other month from October to May, run in parallel on the East Coast (New York or Washington) and in the Midwest (Omaha, NE) or online.


Prior to arriving to each workshop this year, teachers prepared readings on inquiry, committing to experimenting in their practice, and bringing student work, lesson plans, or observation videos to the meetings with the team.


The content was the same in both regions so that during the Nationwide Annual Summit in September both groups could convene for two days and work together. During the Annual Summit, we’ll report back what we tried in our workshops, and share the work and results for teachers across the country (see details and agenda here). In that occasion, we will also announce the theme and workshops calendar for the coming year.

With gratitude,


Your TeachCollab Coordinators