Between Inquiry & Knowledge:
New Frontiers in Instructional Design
May 11th-13th: Location TBD
“Always the beautiful answer, who asks a more beautiful question.”
-e.e. cummings
Mission and Purpose of our Annual Summit

In an age that conflates fact & fiction, how can we teach our students to get closer to reality? Are our classrooms spaces where students are asked to question their assumptions, marvel, and engage with "stubborn" facts and texts on their own terms? Do the pedagogical tools we use help us in that? We invite educators of all levels, from kindergarten to higher education/university across the country to join us for a series of workshops on inquiry-driven lesson planning & instruction designed to tackle these questions. Agenda, homework, & workshop details will be posted on our website by August 5th. 




These speakers will be facilitating and introducing our workshops, as well as setting the agenda for the week.

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